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We are of service to our clients with inland waterway transport, transhipment of various goods and disposing container vessels for all kind of shipping companies.


The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has determined, that many more goods shall be transported on inland waterways by means of the so-called: Blue Road. By intense use of the Blue Road, the collective trade mark for inland shipping, the CO2-emissions, as well as the traffic jams will be reduced.


Thanks to the international partnerships of many years Swintrans has a legal capacity on the international market. Our business core is located mainly in the countries covered by the EU, but on account of the fact, that we have high-quality (technical) resources and giving innovations within the sector a hearty welcome , Swintrans is globally oriented.

Transport via Swintrans offers :

  • Relatively low cost in comparison with other transport options
  • Quick competence, certainly when it comes to large numbers
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • No delay (for instance: Nuisance of traffic congestion)